Wonderful Wedding Venues In Cornwall - The Perfect Place To Say "I Do"

Once you start to think about wedding venues, there is always a perfect place to say “I do” and all couples look for that place which makes their wedding even more special. Cornwall, England is such a place. This wedding location has everything a couple could wish for – incredible beaches, impressive landscapes, gardens or woodlands. Also, it has everything you are looking for when it comes to wedding venues, from castles to majestic and luxury hotels, guest houses, even holiday cottages. All these have turned it into one of the world’s symbolic wedding destinations, characterized by variety and beauty.

When it comes to venues, hotels and accommodations to host your guests or to host your Wedding Party, Cornwall offers you Godolphin Arms Hotel, near St Michael's Mount, Longcross Hotel, near the Northern coast, Porthminster Hotel, near St. Ives Bay, the Bay Hotel, looking over the Atlantic Ocean or Well House Country Hotel, looking over Looe Valley. If you are looking for something more informal, there is Trevenna for you or Boconnoc House.

Also, wedding venues and landscapes are not the only elements which can introduce you into a spectacular and unique wedding. It is also very interesting how the culture of a place can change your wedding if you want it to. And Cornwall has a lot of culture to offer. British popular wedding superstitions and traditions are unique and can add something new to your wedding. For example, there is a very nice poem related to the wedding day: “Monday for health/Tuesday for wealth/Wednesday’s the best of all/Thursday brings crosses/And Friday losses/But Saturday – no luck at all.” As for the vows, the grooms should say them when the clock’s minute hand goes up (after half past), because is symbolizes the ascent towards heaven. Furthermore, the Cornish culture says that the bride is not allowed to sew her wedding dress, because every stitch represents a tear in her marriage. And there are so many more.

Maybe these are only superstitions and many people don’t believe in them, but it is well-known that English are very superstitious people and that they care very much about their traditions. This is why, inserted in the ceremony, the great British wedding traditions make it memorable, which is also typically British. With the British, traditions say that after the reception, which is spectacular, the bride and groom have to share a meal. This symbolizes their union, together with the wedding cake. This cake is cut by both grooms at once, right hand over right hand and the bride’s left hand on top. Also, they have to eat the first slice together and then share the cake with their guests.

All in all, Cornwall beaches (Porthminster Beach, Kynance Cove, Porthcurno Beach, Sennen Beach, Daymer Bay, Padstow), Cornish culture and traditions, landscapes, castles, atmosphere, all these make one paradise for weddings and are wedding venues with a lot of things waiting to be explored. Taking a look at all these amazing things, we are ready to say “Welcome to Cornwall” and wish you the best time of your life. And you will!!