I wonder if Food Heaven is a place where you spend all day eating Pasties, cream teas and lovely sea food

Whatever your tastes in food and no matter where in England you go, you will always find somewhere that sells a Cornish Pasty. But you will only EVER go to one place where you can buy a proper Cornish Pasty and then eat it in the proper surroundings. Cornwall! When I was a boy, a pasty was just a pasty. No frills, nothing added or taken away, just a simple 'teddy oggie pie'. Wow, how things have changed in the last 40 years.

Now you can have so many different types of pasty that there must be one to suit anyone's taste. In fact, I dare you (and here is a challenge) to go to Cornwall and NOT find a pasty that you like. If you succeed, email me and tell me about it so I can share it with the world and particularly the Cornish pasty makers.

And do you want a tip for how to make a pasty taste as good as it gets? Well, the tip is to eat it straight out of the bag. Sure, you can have one on a plate, with chips, you can use a knife and fork you can just about eat a pasty any way you fancy, BUT to totally and fully appreciate it, just go into a shop, buy one and then eat it straight from the bag. Deliciious.

Cornish Pasty

Now that you have had your pasty I suppose you will want something else. So, what about a nice ice cream? When I had just left school, I had a summer job working for Mr Kelly selling ice cream from one of his vans, down in Portpean.

What a great job. Sitting in the sun all day, selling ice cream. Anyway, the point is that back then there were very few flavours. Just vanilla and strawberry mainly. Oh, and a flake of course plus a bit of sauce.

Now though there are just loads of flavours and you can even add clotted cream to them also. Really! You are so spoilt for choice.

Cornish Ice Cream

And then along came Rick Stein. I have no idea whether he is good for Cornwall or not but he has certainly not just brought Cornwall back to the forefront of people's minds but more importantly, he has reminded us all that Cornwall is a place of fish and of seafood and that Cornwall is a great place to enjoy seafood.

I know he has several places in Padstow, ranging from exclusive restaurants to a fish and chip shop, but Rick Stein has reminded us all that Cornwall has beautiful food, people who can cook it really well and the loveliest surroundings in which to eat.

So, if you love food, then Cornwall is most definitely the place for you.

Rick Stein Padstow Cornwall

And on top of all this delicious food you get some fabulous beaches where you can really work up an appetite because Cornwall is notorious for having some of THE greatest beaches in the world.

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