The Lizard. Most southerly point in Britain

My first memory of The Lizard is visiting it as a boy, on a school geography field trip.

That was when I saw sharks for the very first time and started to become aware of the wonderful biodiversity that exists in Cornwall. They were just swimming in the open sea, a little way off the coast.

Ever since that day, This dramatic peninsula has held a special place in my memory because that experience typifies this fabulous, historic peninsula. It is simply a place of raw, natural beauty that holds a fascination for anyone who has ever visited it.

It is also home to the rarest breeding bird in England. The Cornish Chough, seen below. Cornish Chough

One of the best sources of information about England's most southerly Peninsula can be found by visiting the National Trust website.

You can do this by clicking on the National Trust link at the bottom of this page. What is absolutely guranteed about this dramatic and rugged part of Cornwall's beautiful county is that, whatever you may do with the rest of your stay in Cornwall and no matter how memorable your holiday may be, a trip to this southerly peninsula Will bring its own rewards and will leave you with a memory that is unlikely to ever leave you.

The Lizard