Truro. Cornwall's very own city

Now then, Truro: you probably thought Cornwall was just a small, rustic place full of small towns and villages. You probably never thought of Cornwall as the sort of place to have anything bigger than a car park, a couple of pubs and a few bucket and spade shops!?

Well, if you did then you were wrong. In fact, very wrong because we have our very own city!

And as a city it has its very own cathedral, as you can see below.

Truro Cathedral

The A390 is the main road which lies inbetween St Austell and Falmouth.

Once you arrive in the City you can find a wide range of shops, large department stores, restaurants and attractions including the Royal Cornwall Museum and art gallery.

I always find that Cornwall's city has a special 'feel' to it which is unlike the typical city atmosphere of places beyond Cornwall. It seems to have exactly the right balance between being a 'big' place but with an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

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